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Animal Volunteering in Chile

  Chile is an amazing and diverse country. In the north lies the driest desert in the world: The Atacama as well as the gorgeous beaches of Bahia Inglesa. The heart of Chile holds Valparaiso, a beautiful and vibrant city filled with beautiful architecture, it is considered the artistic hub of Chile. Finally in the South, all the way down
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Animal Volunteer Work in ECUADOR (Part 2)

Because there were too many amazing volunteer opportunities to fit into one post! Here are four more fantastic programs in Ecuador. 1. Ecuador Eco Volunteer Ecuador Eco Volunteer does a great job of connecting volunteers with small local volunteer opportunities. Volunteers have the option to choose between a variety of locations and opportunities. There is Alpaca farming in the Andes,
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Animal Volunteer Work in ECUADOR (Part 1)

Ecuador is tiny. Especially compared to the size of some of the other countries down in South America (ahem….Brazil). It is roughly only the size of the U.S. state of Colorado but somehow this tiny country packs a powerful punch with the amazon rainforest, snow capped mountains, active volcanoes and gorgeous beaches all within a days drive; And of course
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Animal Volunteer Work in PERU

What comes to mind when someone says Peru? For most people I would assume… But there is so much more to Peru! I’m talking cool little surfing towns, cheese flavored ice cream, the best fish dish I’ve ever tasted, and of course a wealth of volunteering opportunities!   1. Amazon Animal Orphanage & Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm Located near Iquitos, off
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Animal Volunteer Work in BOLIVIA

Bolivia may be the poorest country of it’s continent, but it is rich both in landscape and culture. The native Bolivians remain connected to the earth and it’s riches. And even as the country develops, foreigners and Bolivians alike are working to conserve the forests and the creatures that live there. This makes for wonderful volunteering experiences and the chance
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